Air India that is currently struggling to find buyers, found itself stuck on the wrong runway at Velana International Airport in the Maldives. On Friday, an Air India flight from Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram to Male landed on the under-construction runway. The flight that was left stranded for hours had over 100 passengers onboard. Reports suggest that all the passengers were evacuated safely but two of the tires were found to be deflated. A probe has been initiated the matter to ascertain that how the aircraft landed on the wrong runway.

The Directorate of Civil Aviation said that this a serious incident and Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau has been informed. The DGCA further said that both the pilots who were controlling the plane have been de-rostered.

Issuing a statement on the incident, Air India said that the Airbus A320 New aircraft landed on an under-construction runway. As per the statement released by authorities at Air India, 136 passengers and crew members were evacuated safely from the aircraft.

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Air India added that the investigations are underway as to understand why the flight was landed on an under-construction runway. As per reports, after landing on the rugged ground, the flight lost two of its tires and was left stranded for hours.

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Later, the Air India aircraft was towed to the parking bay at the Velana International Airport after which the passengers and crew members were evacuated.

The following incident comes to light just a few weeks after a Jet Airways flight tried to take off from the taxiway at the Riyadh Airport in Saudi Arabia. As per reports, the two Jet Airways pilots had completely ignored the proper runway and had allegedly tried to take-off the flight from a taxiway. At the time the incident took place, there were 150 passengers present on the flight. 

Delhi Police arrest 2 Islamic State JK terrorists near Red Fort

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