Abdul Samad Khan, a 70-year-old, retired sub-inspector was beaten to death in broad daylight on a street in Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad. A CCTV footage of the entire incident which recently surfaced on several social media platforms will give you chills. The video is 40-seconds long and from its beginning to end you can feel the scarcity of emotions in every human being passing by. In the CCTV footage, Khan who can be seen with his bicycle was first attacked by a man wearing a red shirt. The man in red shirt assaults the retired policeman with a long stick. From the video, we can totally imagine the magnitude with which the man is thrashing the 70-year-old victim.

Khan soon loses his hold on the bicycle and falls to the ground and tries to shield him. The man then gets joined by two of his associates who start beating Khan along with their friend. Meanwhile, you can watch a man watching the entire incident from a terrace. Besides this, a lot of people on their bicycles and two-wheelers passes by the spot. A few of them also stop and then leave.

Khan who is still facing the whip, suddenly stop resisting to the blows and lays down on the road motionless. After realising that Khan has stopped reacting, the three men flee away from the spot. On the other hand, Khan can be seen sitting against the wall, severely wounded and bleeding. One of his arms is almost mutilated during the incident.

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Then comes the other clip where Khan is lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on his face. Reports said that Khan was rushed to hospital but soon he stopped responding to the treatment and succumbed.

Meanwhile, the Allahabad police have begun an investigation into the matter. Reports said one of the attackers is believed to a man named Junaid, who has at least 10 criminal cases against him in the local police station. Over 10 people have been named in the FIR while no arrests have been made so far. Also, it is suspected to be a case of a property dispute with relatives.

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