If reports are to be believed, almost all the students with hearing and speech disabilities at Karjat boarding school in Mumbai have been sexually molested by the care taker of the school. The matter was highlighted after two complaints were filed against the caretaker of the boarding school. During investigations, the police found that the majority of children at the boarding school had faced sexual harassment by the care taker. Majority of the girls are in the age group of 6 to 13.

Further disclosing the matter, the investigating police officer said that the process of recording statement of other girls is underway. Talking to Mumbai Mirror, senior inspector of Karjat police station said that they have so far recorded statements of at least seven girls. Reports suggest that the investigating police have also sought help from a sign language interpreter to get the probe on the fast track. On April 11, the police had recorded the statement of two victims along with the mothers.

Talking to the daily, the investigating police officer said, “The girls are able to communicate everything through sign language. Recording one statement takes about three hours as the interpreter first understands them and then tells us. With more victims coming forward, we will add their names to the case. Almost every girl was molested at the school.” The noose around the caretaker tightened after two of the victims (7 and 10 years old) were able to identify the care taker from the identification parade.

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As per reports, the primary investigation by police revealed that the accused care taker had vaginal and anal sex with the minor girls. The reports also added that the accused also made videos of girls attending nature’s call and taking baths. Referring to the medical reports, the police said that the victims had injuries in her private parts. Meanwhile, the school that has 40 students has kept shush over the crime incident. The last sexual report came in on March 27.

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