Union Minister Smriti Irani launched an attack on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday and said that Rajiv Gandhi Foundation was yet to return land taken from farmers. Smriti Irani was speaking at public meeting in Amethi alongside party president Amit Shah. “Rahul, who used to talk about relief to farmers, did not return their land taken by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation here,” she said. Irani added that she wanted to address those who only care about the vote bank politics.

“There is no collector’s office here. If Rahul is hearing me today I want to say that you used to talk about development in the country and abroad. You make a mockery of development in Gujarat,” Irani said. She added that villagers have complained to her that Congress vice president does not have time to hear their complaints. “When I asked villagers why they were doing so, they said they could not meet their leader. Then I told them that Rahul might not have time, but I will be available for you and requested the village head to vote,” she said 

“They were anguished as they had devoted their time to the Congress believing that there would be development in the state under the party, especially under the leadership of Gandhi…But due to neglect and insult of the Congress workers, the party leadership in Amethi is leaving Rahulji,” Smriti Irani alleged. 

In 2015, Smriti Irani had created a stir by accusing Congress of usurping farmers’ nearly 65 acres of land for setting up a manufacturing unit, Samrat Unit, a project which never saw light of the day. Irani also claimed that BJP will win the Amethi seat in 2019 Lok Sabha polls. “In 2019 (Lok Sabha polls) BJP will win here,” Ms Irani said. Irani had led a high-voltage campaign against Congress VP in 2014. Gandhi had secured 4,08,651 votes against Irani’s 3,00,748.