The aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic has completely shaken the world. Every industry is severely impacted by the pandemic. The entertainment sector is one of the most affected industries with the movies, shows and events being cancelled and pushed to an indefinite date. During this time, while many projects have taken off on the virtual grounds, it has also produced many artists who are improvising their skills by learning different things. Amiee Misobbah, a reputed name in the modelling industry has got the right exposure in the past year.

Based out of Guwahati, Assam, Amiee’s journey in the glamour world began at the age of 15. As a child, she was always in love with the lights, camera and action. However, she initially started working as a model and has won several beauty pageants and accolades at different fashion shows. Well, now she has gone an extra mile and is working on her acting career. During the lockdown, Amiee Misobbah even established a production house of her own where she aims to produce music videos, shows and informative documentaries.

Looking back at the pre-covid time and post-covid time, the actress feels that everything has changed with the blink of an eye. “Walking at the ramp, performing on stage and going to cinema halls with loved ones was so common, but now there has been a drastic change. Many of the creative professionals including me thought that the situation will improve and gradually get back to normal in a year, but it has become worse. The spike in coronavirus cases and the second wave has disrupted the industry once again”, revealed Amiee. She further stated that everyone must take care of their health and pray for the situation to get better in the coming time.

The 23-year old feels that the digital domain and the OTT platforms have seen huge growth in the past year. According to her, OTT platforms replacing cinema halls has been the biggest transition one would have never thought of earlier. Besides this, Amiee Misobbah has been investing her time in learning different aspects of filmmaking. However, she is excited to play the dual roles of being an actress and producer in her upcoming projects. Having worked with many B-Town celebrities for promotional events, the actress hopes that the good and old carefree days shall be back soon. With an upsurge in the COVID-19 cases, Amiee Misobbah urges everyone to be safe at homes and not step out until there is an emergency.