A startling revelation has come to light just ahead of Gujarat Assembly elections. A company owned by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah has made more than a fortune after Narendra Modi formed the Central government and Amit Shah became the party president. Jay’s company grew by 1600 times in this period. The data was revealed by Registrar of Companies (RoC).

Company balance sheets and annual reports obtained from the RoC reveal that in the financial years ending March 2013 and 2014, Shah’s Temple Enterprise Private Ltd. engaged in a neglegible activity and recorded losses of Rs 6,230 and Rs 1,724 respectively. In 2014-15, it showed a profit of Rs 18,728 on revenues of only Rs 50,000 before jumping to a turnover of Rs 80.5 crore in 2015-16, The Wire reported.

As reported in The Wire, in October 2016, Jay Shah’s company stopped its business activities suddenly, declaring, in its director’s report, that Temple’s net worth had “fully eroded” because of the loss it posted that year of Rs 1.4 crore and its losses over earlier years. 

Amit Shah just being the party president is one of the most influential personalities in the government despite not holding any office in the government. The inference can be drawn from the fact that Rajiv Pratap Rudy was informed that he is being removed from the cabinet by Amit Shah’s office and not the Prime Minister.

The stunning revelation by (RoC) has moved the political parties across the board and they leave no stone unturned in criticising the BJP led NDA government for nepotism.

Congress party on Sunday demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiate a probe in this matter.