Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Andhra govt’s drive against alleged corruption and mismanagement in the last regime – more arrests soon

The Andhra Pradesh government has launched a ‘drive against corruption’ as they are calling it. The arrests of former Minister Atchennaidu over the ESI scam and the arrest of senior leader JC Prabhakar Reddy in the transport scam by the ACB are just the start according to party sources.

Leading the charge in the parliament as well as on social media for the Government and the YSRCP is National General Secretary of the party and Rajya Sabha MP, Vijay Sai Reddy. Multiple leaders from the ruling YSRCP including Reddy and the Home Minister of the state Sucharitha have gone on record to say that the arrests will continue as large-scale corruption was prevalent during the previous TDP regime and a lot of scams are yet to be unearthed or exposed. One of Vijay Sai Reddy’s tweets in the recent past says,’ If @ncbn is clean then why is he terrified of inquiries. His tottering and panicky behaviour or proving to that he is scandalous.

This tweet and the ones following this one clearly prove that the YSRCP has embarked on a journey to expose the alleged corruption that was resorted to, during the TDP regime.

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During the same time, multiple reports of the focus shifting to Visakhapatnam, which is the proposed Executive capital of the state, have emerged. Another aspect that links Mr.Vijay Sai Reddy to all of this is his personal bond with Vizag. With all the chatter around Vizag, the focus shifting to Vizag is no big shocker but makes the political atmosphere in the state all the more interesting. Since TDP leaders on daily basis are alleging Vijay Sai Reddy is doing a lot of corruption in Visakhapatnam area especially in land deals and contracts. But they could not prove any.

‘Since strict action against the corruption, some people are trying to malign me. Since I am closely connected with Vizag. I have openly said that except a flat in the city bought decades ago, I don’t have any other properties. Those who resorted to corruption in Vizag will be held accountable ‘. Now people of Andhra Pradesh are focusing on Visakhapatnam since it’s becoming the executive capital where the secretariat and all administration are going to be located.

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