Sunday, August 7, 2022

Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy orders to implement COVID-19 guidelines strictly, says more funds for welfare schemes will be released soon

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a video conference with district collectors and SPs and said that COVID-19 guidelines should be strictly implemented in the state.

Chief Minister made it clear that social distancing should be implemented strictly and daily essential good should be available every day at the specified time. He instructed the officials to minimize the public gatherings and essential goods should be door delivered in hotspot and red zone areas.

He instructed the officials to ensure that the aqua products should be purchased at the price fixed by the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) and processing units and exports should be functional. Ordinance on seed and feed should be brought in so that the sector would be stabilized, he added.

All the required facilities should be provided in quarantine centers and ensure that quality food is supplied for quarantine members, said Chief Minister. Strict orders have been issued to the officials that proper medication, changes in the food menu, proper hygiene should be maintained and protocol should be followed while sending the members from quarantine centers. He directed the officials to ensure that the essential goods be sold at prices displayed in front of the shops and the list should be updated every two days

Every hospital should have isolation ward and every patient who comes to hospital should be treated carefully till the test performed and treated. All the medical and paramedical staff should be provided with PPEs and masks regularly, Chief Minister told officials.
The Chief Minister made clear that no one in the state should suffer from hunger and ordered the officials to increase the number of ration counters during the ration distribution from April 16 and implement the token system to avoid public gatherings. Moreover, he directed the officials to give Rs 1,000 cash to the needy poor people irrespective of their ration cards and told the officials to issue ration cards to the people who do not have them.
Discussing the paddy sales, the officials said that the paddy sales are taking place at the village level and agriculture assistants are monitoring the situation. To ensure the MSP for the state farmers, the Chief Minister ordered the district collectors not to allow paddy from other states. For the first time the farm gate system is being implemented, the officials told Chief minister

On the other hand The Chief Minister said that the government has cleared Rs 1,800 crore fees reimbursement dues of 2018-19 academic year and also paid dues of the three quarters of the current academic year. From the next academic year, the fees reimbursement amount will be credited to the bank accounts of the student’s mother after the third quarter of the academic
With concern to the Rythu Bharosa, he ordered the official to be prepared by May 15 and complete the procedure and ensure that every eligible is applied to the scheme before May 15. All the collectors were ordered to intensify works related to rythu bharosa centers and village clinics. Rythu bharosa center morning should be functional from June and all the works should be completed by March 2021.
Chief Minister said that he was proud that every acre collected for house site distribution is collected with proper consent after paying the money. He asked the officials to complete the remaining works related to this program and said that the distributions can be completed in May if things go well.
Rice distribution to the poor should be carried out, he said.

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