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Andhra Pradesh opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu says only technology can save world from all disease

Only Technology can save the world from all diseases, Naidu struck and Working from the home of Hyderabad in his own style.
-Naidu confined to hyderabad home due to lock down
– talked to NRIs online
– Virtual working and digital living only way out of post-virus crisis
– criticizes Jagan’s plan 4shift Capital despite COVID-19 threat to lives
Duo to sudden lock down , Andhra Pradesh opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu is confined to his home in Hyderabad. Even if YSRCP leaders challanged him to come to Andhra Pradesh, His is not responding to thier criticism but working on his own style. He conducts conferances of his party and talks to people through online only. He conducts polit bureau meetings through online only. He is by and large confined to home but still working by using technology.

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Telugu Desam Party President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu called for effective integration of knowledge and technology to overcome future challenges arising out of social distancing restrictions that may continue even after the Coronavirus epidemic. Mr. Naidu spoke to NRIs in a virtual conference from his home in Hyderabad when he underscored the importance of virtual working and digital living to ensure revival and continuation of everyday businesses, organisational and economic activities. These digital interventions would only help prevent any food crisis and troubles in law and order and and financial fronts in future. A certain level of economic activity using digital platforms should be continued to avoid disruption of people’s lives everywhere.

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Mr. Naidu told nearly 1,500 NRIs, who came online from US, Australia, Bahrain and other countries, said that global crisis threats like the killer virus could be overcome only if online tools are promoted more. Digital currencies should be made more cost effective than paper currencies. Door delivery of cash should be ushered in to cover those who cannot adapt to digital solutions.
When an NRI asked about the governance in AP, Mr. Naidu said that unfortunately, CM Jaganmohan Reddy was still working to shift Capital city without taking steps to save people’s lives. When the government fails to rise to the occasion, the people should be more vigilant and take more precautions to avert any serious crisis.
Referring to his recent telephone conversation with Prime Minister Modi, Mr. Naidu said that he had talked about daring steps like lockdown taken by Mr Modi but at the same time, he had stressed the need for taking even greater precautions. This was necessary to prevent panic situation which may arise because of lack of good health infrastructure to tackle if the virus cases increase beyond the country’s control. Naidu said that he had spoken to experts, intellectuals and former bureaucrats as part of the Global Forum for Sustainable Transformation to come out with best ideas for policy formation to effectively fight the deadly virus. At the suggestion of Mr. Modi, all these ideas are being communicated to the Prime Minister’s Office on a continuous basis.

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He expressed concern how even the developed countries like US could not withstand onslaught of Coronavirus as 2,000 deaths are reported in America per day very alarmingly. Over-confidence and lack of timely crisis management might by immediate reasons. But Germany could effectively tackle and reduce fatalities by providing best medical care. Within India, Kerala state handled and controlled virus successfully through effective testing and treating even though the country’s first virus case was reported in this state.

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