Due to lock down so many markets are crowded with people due to panic buying. In many markets, it was a common scene, if that situation continues like this these markets can become centers for corona spreading. So Andhra Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a review meeting here on Wednesday with the officials of the State government on the implementation of the lockdown and availability of essential commodities in the State. He instructed the officials to stagger the rythu bazaars (Rytu bazaars are maintained by the government) in both urban and rural areas to avoid rush and also permit the shops to operate from 6 am to 1 pm. Previously they used to be opened from 6 am to 9 am only during lockdown . The CM extended the time in order to avoid the mad rush at Rytu bazaars.

During the review meeting, the Chief Minister stated that the public is following the lockdown instructions to a large extent but they are coming on to roads for fetching essential commodities. As everyone is coming out at the same time and are gathering in front of shops, there are high chances for the spread of the virus. Majority of people fearing scarcity are hoarding commodities.
All rythu bazars will be staggered and will be spread to all areas for the convenience of the public.

“Precautions for maintaining social distancing have to be taken at every decentralized outlet and officials have to make sure at all outlets. The public are requested to follow the lockdown and remain indoors for safety. Only one person from a family has to come out for getting essential items not exceeding the radius of 3 km.” he said.

The Chief Minister appealed to the public to stay home and cooperate with the State in controlling the spread of the virus. He also said that the 144 section is being implemented across the State and strict action will be taken against those defying the instructions.
Even the Andhra Govt asked the village volunteers across the state to collect the date of foreign returnees and people with sickness. They have collected data of 1.4 crore households and traced 11 thousand foreign returnees. After the PM’s appeal, the government of Andhra has taken all efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus in the state.

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