The Andhra Pradesh Special Enforcement Bureau ( SEB ) which was set up in May 2020, with the sole aim of cracking down on the illegal trade of liquor and sand has produced unprecedented results in the past 5 months. A total of 50, 172 people in 36,996 cases, i.e 43976 in cases related to liquor and 6196 in cases related to sand have been arrested by the Bureau since its inception on 16/05/2020. 2,43,226 litres of ID liquor, 37,20,404 litres of FJ Wash, 1,35,700 litres of Black Jaggery, 17,072 litres of beer, 2,55,581 litres of IMFL and a whopping 37,025 kgs of Ganja have been recovered by the Bureau until now.

Taking transparency and accountability to a whole new level, as per the mandate given by the CM himself, the Bureau has arrested 133 government officials in as many as 106 cases related to the trade of illicit liquor and sand as on 26.08.2020. Setting an example and sending out a strong message in the process, the Bureau has booked a total of 53 police personnel in similar cases.

Speaking about the Bureau’s performance and addressing the issue of police personnel getting themselves involved in the illegal trade during a video conference, Commissioner Vineet Brizlal said, ‘ By enlarge the Bureau has done a fabulous job at enforcing laws concerning the trade of liquor and sand, the numbers reflect the same.

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I would like the thank our entire force for tirelessly working on the ground. However, the dark side to it is the fact that we have had to book 53 of our own in the process. There is a need to understand that nobody is above law and action against the guilty will be taken at all costs’.

It is important to note that the Covid-19 menace hasn’t spared the SEB just like it hasn’t spared most of the departments working round the clock during the pandemic. A total of 285, which amounts to almost 10% of the field force of SEB have tested positive for Covid-19 out of which 27 had to be hospitalized. Despite a significant number of its personnel being off duty due to the virus, the Bureau producing the kind of numbers it has is worth appreciating.

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