Andhra Pradesh has crossed one million COVID-19 tests, logging 10,17,123 tests as on Sunday morning. With extensive testing and timely treatment, the mortality rate stands at 1.24 percent, which is much lower than the national average of 2.86 percent.

The state government started working as per an action plan to contain the spread of COVID-19 early this year and utilized the services of village volunteers at the best for community surveillance, monitoring health conditions, and many more. Starting with zero testing facilities, in no time, the State government ramped its health infrastructure and established 78 testing laboratories including government, private, and TrueNat labs along with dedicated hospitals for treating COVID patients. The first lab for COVID19 was established on March 7th, 2020 in AP. From zero labs as on

March 6th, AP increased its lab capacity to 78 labs in all. Apart from 15 testing facility centers, COVID-19 tests are being conducted in 4 private labs, 19 VRDL labs, 47 TrueNat labs, 5CBNAAT, 2NACO and 5 CLIA labs

While it took 59 days to complete the first one lakh COVID-19 tests, the state has consistently increased the testing capacity and completed the last three-lakh tests in just 12 days.

The tests per million population in Andhra Pradesh has reached 19,047 against the national average of 6,878 tests per million. The extensive testing has been a backbone in the battle against COVID-19, which enabled the State to complete over one million tests in less than 125 days.

Andhra Pradesh government has adopted a three -pronged strategy of tracing, testing, and treatment to contain the spread and intensity of COVID-19 and Govt is also providing a financial assistance of RS 2,000 to the patients discharged from hospital.

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