Andhra Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is taking very strict measures to tackle corruption, He feels that strict law to be brought to tackle it in a time-bound manner. Since the Government took over power in 2019 under the leadership of CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, various revolutionary policy decisions to weed out corruption were not only formulated or introduced but are also being executed, thereby producing results. In a review meeting chaired by the CM at the Tadepalli camp office, a detailed overview of the results produced by each of these initiatives and the plans going forward were discussed at length.


14400 is a dedicated helpline using which citizens can register complaints against corrupt officials/practices. Until today, a total of 1747 calls pertaining to ACB’s jurisdiction were made to the helpline, out of which 1712 have been resolved while the process to resolve the rest is on.

Reverse Tendering:

Introduction of ‘reverse tendering’ has resulted in the state exchequer saving a mammoth 2,252.86 crores spanning over 788 contracts. Steps to widen the ambit of reverse tendering are being formulated, in order to increase the same even further.

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Cabinet sub-committee :

The cabinet sub-committee which was set up to probe various dubious deals struck by the previous government has met 6 times until now, yielding 2 reports after extensive discussions. One classic example of the state saving invaluable public money due to cancelling an existing contract and renegotiating is the ‘GREENCO IREP RENEGOTIATION 2020’.
While the previous contract awarded to the same company by the previous government-sanctioned land at 2.5 lakh /acre, renegotiations led to the company agreeing to pay 5 lakh /acre, thereby doubling the income pertaining to land under this contracts.

Similarly, under the previous contract, the company was liable to pay 0 for 1550 MW over a period of 28 years. After renegotiations, the company has agreed to pay for each of the 1550 MW which amounts to a staggering 322 crore. Renegotiations have led to the state exchequer being benefitted by the deal by over 3,000 crores. complaints from Village secretariat level will be taken and tackled in time bound manner

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