Wednesday, August 10, 2022

AP Police files bail cancellation petition in the Abdul Salam Family Suicide Case

The two prime accused in the Abdul Salam mass (family of four) suicide case , a bail has been granted to CI Somasekhar Reddy and HC Gangadhar despite the inclusion of serious , non-bailable sections like 306 r/w section 34 of the Indian Penal Code.

As the accused in question are a part of the local law enforcement machinery and are likely to hamper the investigation by threatening the witnesses, in order to ensure that justice is delivered and the accused are punished, the state administration has immediately filed a ‘Bail Cancellation Petition’ seeking immediate cancellation of the bail awarded to the accused based on the following grounds :

– The accused being released on bail could result in witnesses turning hostile and intimidate new witnesses who would otherwise volunteer to testify.
– The investigating authorities are in possession of incriminating evidence against the accused.
– The presence of eye-witnesses who point directly at the 2 accused.
– The bail could give the accused a chance to hamper the investigation by threatening or coercing the witnesses
– The inclusion of a serious & non-bailable section of Abetment to Suicide ( 306 )
– The video of the family before committing suicide, in which the family names those arrested.

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Special Officer appointed by the DGP as per the directions of the CM, IGP Sankha Brata Bagchi and senior IPS officer Arif Hafeez were deployed to investigate the matter. Within hours of the intervention, the CI of Nandyal was suspended from duty pending investigation and within 24 hours of the same , based on the preliminary investigation carried out by the top cops , the arrests have been executed . Speaking about the same, DGP Gautam Sawang IPS said, ‘ If one is found to be guilty of any offence, be it anybody, he/she will be acted against irrespective of who the person is’.

Various minority organisations from across the state have expressed their satisfaction over the swift intervention of the CM and the subsequent action taken by the top brass of the police department, which led to the arrests of the accused.

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