Apple’s Siri is not as private as you think it is. A new report shows that Apple contractors listen to confindential recordings regularly on Siri recordings. The information could include drug deals, confidential medical information, even recording of couples having sex. The companies have their employees or contractors behind those services who hear these extremely private information and review clips of conversation for better quality control.

The job basically plays a key role to grade the conversation and to make Siri better as user interaction. The revelation has raised concerns as Apple hasn’t disclosed anything about its workers listening to the private recording for any documentation.

However, Apple says the data happens to help Siri to understand the consumers better and what they say. The iPhone maker doesn’t explicitly disclose that their workers listen to Siri recording for the up gradation and quality control.

The work involves understanding whether Siri could help the consumer with a query. Then the contractors grade whether Siri offering a proper response to the user or not.

The report also mentioned that Apple used less than 1% of Siri activations which get analyzed for improving the service.

Siri, which is Apple’s digital assistant, can be responded by the word, Hey Siri.

Earlier, it has been revealed in April that Amazon has their employees who analyze some Alexa recordings. Earlier this month, Google was found doing similar work with Google Assistant as well.

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