The Government of India recently contacted international media, like BBC and Al Jazeera, on Saturday for showing some conflicting videos over Srinagar from the Friday morning.

The Indian government claims that the news is fake and fabricated and asks to prove with the evidence if the videos were real. However, on the other hand, the news organizations have claimed that the videos were real and if required, they can prove it with the raw footage.

There is exclusive footage out by the international news organization BBC which shows the people protesting that they want freedom and the abrogation of Article 370 is non-acceptable for them, in J&K’s Srinagar and that has directly contradicted the central government’s statement on it that it’s fake.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and the Intelligence Bureau have been keeping eyes over the videos, news, and reporting by the national as well as international media/news agencies on Kashmir. There are four videos and seven reports which have been stated as fake in the ministries reports which include those conflicting videos in the valley and those claiming that the action might lead to the burgeoning tensions in Kashmir.

While denying the fact, Ministry of Home Affairs spokesperson tweeted that the news doesn’t relate to any truth and there were just a few stray protests in Srinagar/Baramulla which didn’t even involve more than 20 people.

It was further revealed in an inquiry conducted by the government official that at first, Al Jazeera circulated that video followed by BBC in its all the regional channels, after few hours.

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