As the hushed Eid celebrations continue in Jammu and Kashmir with Srinagar being the most restricted, people have been allowed to offer prayers in neighbourhood mosques. The worst-affected has been the traders who could not make lucrative deals this Eid. The livestock dealers and bakers could not make profit as most of the sacrificial animals had to be taken back with not many people buying them for the festival.

A livestock dealer from Poonch said he hoped to earn some profit with his animals but a lesser people turnout in the region shunned his hopes, likewise, a bakery owner who would make most out of Eid could not really find customers to buy fresh bread and suffered huge losses. Traders in the valley had to bear a business loss of about Rs 1,000 crore since the imposition of Section 144 in the state.

It has been mainly the livestock dealers and bakers who have suffered the most. Several bakery owners claimed to have borne losses of at least Rs 200 crore. A Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) official claimed that the average business loss per day this time was over Rs 175 crore given people were not able to go out and make purchases on a regular basis. While a bakery owner claimed to have suffered losses of at least Rs 1 crore this Eid.

It was only the bakeries in the civil lines area of Srinagar that were functional, the ones in downtown were shut due to curfew.

A livestock dealer claimed that he had sold off all cattle for the sacrifice ceremony on Eid, however, this time he could manage to sell only a few as not many people could show up to buy sacrificial animals. A roadside vendor who would sell second-hand clothes too witnessed meagre people turnout as he tried his luck on the eve of Eid but to avail.

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