Article 370 abrogation: It’s been more than a month since the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was altered by the BJP-led Centre which resulted in lockdown in the erstwhile state. The international media had reported alleged clashes between the locals and security forces, while the Indian media, on the other hand, didn’t reported massively on such incidents.

Barring the online media in India, not many in the mainstream have covered or reported thoroughly on Kashmir. Initial reports of the New York Times, Reuters hinted at protests and employment of pellets and tear gas during the showdown between officials and people.

When it comes to the international community, majority of the countries have supported India saying it was their internal matter after New Delhi reiterated that there should not be any third party interference on Kashmir issue.

Calling Jammu and Kashmir an integral part of India, the Centre has made it clear that the Kashmir issue cannot be resolved via bilateral ties and shunned the possibility of talks with Pakistan.

US President Donald Trump periodically offered mediation to resolve mounting tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir issue but maintained it was New Delhi’s internal matter.

Though other countries have cited concerns over the restrictions and communication lockdown urging the Indian government to ease restrictions at the earliest. US spokesperson Morgan Ortagus in an interview to The Hindu said the country was concerned over the situation in Jammu and Kashmir in the backdrop of Article 370 suspension and the ensuing restrictions in the regions.

Referring to widespread detentions of stakeholders including locals, Organ said the US was worried over the situation and connectivity blockade in certain regions.

The spokesperson said the US was concerned over reports related to internet and mobile phone nullification in several areas and urged the Indian government to respect human rights and restore connectivity in the region.

Ortagus added that the US government was looking forward to the resumption of dialogue with stakeholders by the Indian government and elections as promised, reported The Hindu.

Earlier, US senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had also raked up Kashmir issue calling the Indian government’s move unacceptable.  Speaking to a gathering of Muslims, Sanders said she was deeply concern over the situation in Kashmir and added that communication lockdown should be lifted at the earliest. 

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