Continuing their vigorous verbal attack on the ruling party, leader of Communist Party of India (CPI) Atul Anjan on Wednesday criticised Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s rhetoric about the Indian economy and said the Central government is all talk but no action when it comes to the results of the Goods and Service Tax (GST). Anjan labelled the Finance Minister as someone who is pompously making loud claims but with inadequate results. While speaking to news agency ANI, Atul Anjan said “Finance Minister is all the time making loud claims and what is the result? We have seen the result of demonetisation and GST”.

The remarks from the Communist Party of India have come after Finance Minister Jaitley asserted that India under the BJP regime has remained the world’s fastest growing large economy for the past 3 years. “It is known that this government is giving much more bank lending to the corporate houses, those who are very close and nearer to the BJP and Prime Minister. This way they are trying to develop crony capitalism in this country,” CPI’s Anjan said while scourging the Centre for giving loans to the corporate houses.

“He (Finance Minister) wants to dismantle the Public Sector Banks, which were the backbone of Indian economy. It was our Public Sector Banks, it was the Public sector Insurance, and it is the Public Sector Undertaking which saved the country from economic holocaust. Today when the economy is in very bad shape, if you want to destroy the public sector banks then what will happen?” he added. On Tuesday, the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley  was addressing the media where he presented a report on the current status of the Indian economy. “India has remained world’s fastest growing large economy for the past three years,” the Finance Minister was quoted as saying at the press conference.

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