Narcotics Control Bureau(NCB) arrested Aryan Khan along with two other detainees in connection with the Mumbai cruise party raid, on Sunday. The three arrested had been remanded to NCB custody by the Esplanade Court in Mumbai till Monday. Aryan Khan, along with Arbaaz Seth Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha, was taken for medical examination by the NCB before he was produced in court. Any reaction by Shah Rukh Khan on Aryan’s arrest is still awaited.

Aryan Khan’s lawyer argued in court that the accused was not in possession of banned substances and that his chats were the only prima facie evidence against him. Satish Maneshinde, the lawyer arguing in defence of Aryan Khan said in the Court, “Accused number 1, Aryan Khan was invited for the cruise party. However, he did not have a boarding pass. He didn’t have any seat or cabin there. Secondly, according to the seizure, nothing has been found in his possession. He is arrested only based on chats.”

As per the NCB, the three persons have been booked under Section 8C, 20b, 27 (Punishment for consumption of any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance) and 35 (Presumption of culpable mental state) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS Act). Section 8C refers to prohibition to produce, manufacture, possess, sell, purchase, transport, warehouse, use, consume, import inter-State, export inter-State, import into India, export from India or tranship any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance while Section 20B is invoked in punishment for producing, manufacturing, possessing, selling, purchasing, transportation, imports inter-State, exports inter-State or use of cannabis.