As India continues to grapple with the ongoing Covid surge, International attempts are underway to assist the nation. Several countries have offered assistance to India in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Let’s have a look:

Singapore dispatched 500 BiPAPs, 250 Oxygen concentrators, and other medical equipment late Sunday night on an AirIndia flight to Mumbai. The Indian Air Force airlifted four cryogenic oxygen tanks from Singapore on Saturday, the first such import a day after External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar issued an appeal for foreign assistance for India’s continuing coronavirus crisis. “We stand with India in its battle against Covid-19,” said Singapore’s Embassy in New Delhi in a tweet.

The United Kingdom has been sending ventilators and oxygen concentrators. EU members are also expected to send assistance. The first shipment of assistance left the United Kingdom on Sunday and is expected in India on Tuesday. Later this week, further shipments will be released. The help is equipped with 495 oxygen concentrators (which can remove oxygen from the air when hospital oxygen systems are depleted), 120 non-invasive ventilators, and 20 manual ventilators.

The United States has lifted the ban on exporting raw materials, after facing a global criticism. The White House has stated that it will supply Indian vaccine producers with raw materials as soon as possible. It comes after Indian officials and the Serum Institute of India (SII) urged the US to ease export restrictions on vaccine raw materials imposed in February. Meanwhile, the United States has dispatched five tonnes of oxygen concentrators.

Pakistan, the neighbour, offered medical supplies & facilities, and Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted prayers for “fast recovery.” A fleet of 50 ambulances from the country’s Edhi foundation has also been provided to India. In the meantime, Bangladesh has declared that it will close its border with India from Monday to deter the virus from spreading.

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The European Commission announced in Brussels that it would also give oxygen and medicines. Ursula von der Leyen, the organization’s head, said the group was “pooling resources to respond quickly to India’s call for assistance.” Meanwhile, France has stated that it will supply oxygen.

The UAE government is working with Indian Embassy officials for the movement of oxygen tankers. According to the Indian Embassy in Riyadh, approximately 80MT of liquid oxygen will be flown to India from a Saudi firm. Russia is also expected to submit medical and pharmacy supplies. Furthermore, China and Australia have assured India that they will assist in the war against the pandemic.

The government of India has approved plans for over 500 oxygen production plants around the world in order to increase supplies. The Centre advised the states on Sunday to ensure that the use of liquid oxygen for non-medical purposes is prohibited.