Niti Aayog denies the reports that states, Mucormycosis, a black fungal infection is a “big outbreak” in the nation. It is a fungal infection that is common amongst COVID-19 patients who are suffering from diabetes, but be assured it’s no big concern, as per Niti Aayog Member (Health) V K Paul.

He added that the Union Health Ministry is monitoring the situation and a treatment is also available for the same. “The fungal infection called mucormycosis is being found in patients of COVID-19 disease. It is caused by a fungus named mucor, which is found on wet surfaces. It, to a large extent, is happening to people who have diabetes. It is very uncommon in those who are not diabetic. There is no big outbreak and we are monitoring it,” said V K Paul in a press conference on Friday.

According to Dr Paul mucor attacks those people who have uncontrolled sugar. If a person with diabetes is on immune suppressive medicines, steroids or has cancer, then there is a greater impact of the fungus on that individual. If the patients are in contact with the wet surfaces, then his chances of getting it increases too.

He further claimed that when a patient is on oxygen support, which has a humidifier containing water, increases their chances of getting the fungal infection. It must be ensured that the water does not leak from the humidifier; keeping patient’s hygiene in mind. He said that Tocilizumab and Itolizumab is being used to treat COVID-19, may also lead to mucormycosis in diabetic patients. These should be given only when necessary and not irrationally, as it can be dangerous.

Cases of mucormycosis are majorly found in Ahmedabad. In Maharashtra also at least eight Covid patients died due to the black fungal infection.