Tuesday, August 9, 2022

As the popularity graph is falling down, has KCR become more intolerant? Why opposition is not allowed to function in the state

The arrests of opposition leaders have become so common in the state of Telangana. They are not permitted to visit irrigation projects and police keeps stopping them everywhere. Even on the day of Telangana formation , most of the Congress leaders were not allowed to garland the mother of Telangana statue. Congress leaders, including the TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy, planned to visit irrigation projects but all of them were arrested before they could step out of their homes.

TPCC treasurer Guduru Narayana Reddy said ,”In a democratic country like India, apart from ruling party, the opposition should be allowed to function. Is opposition not a fit organisation to function in Telangana? Backed by police, why does the govt strangulate the opposition? Why these many arrests? The ruling party and opposition are two eyes and hands of the people. Concrete ideas of the opposition should be noted by the government , then only the government will function in a proper manner.”

In a survey by a national daily, the popularity graph of Telangana CM KCR is completely down. He stands at 16th place among CMs where as Andhra CM Jagan Mohan Reddy at 4th place. TPCC treasurer Narayana Reddy alleges that the chief minister was confined to Pragathi Bhavan enjoying a lavish lifestyle and taking very little interest in administration. The CM became very intolerantm not only with opposition parties, but also with his own MLAs, people and media whoever questions him.

Krishnak , TRS leader said “Congress leaders taking up protests for mere politics. They should realise that we are under Epidemic Diseases Act, which strictly denies permit to protests , rallies, meetings. Henceforth, they are violating norms, law protecting agencies acting upon them. This summer, state has seen no water problem. Farmers have produced a yield which has officially made Telangana, Rice Bowl of India. Aren’t these a testimony that government’s work towards projects are showing result. Why are they forgetting history that no leader or government has built a irrigation project in a span of 3 years like Kaleshwaram and reservoirs stretching to extent of 250 km distance have been constructed in record time.”

If the police is so particular about the implementation of lockdown rules, TPCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy questions how come they permitted CM KCR and Swamy Chinajeeyar to go to Kondapachamm project with almost ten thousand people to perform poojas? He questioned whether there were any special rules for them. The CM needs to answer. Even the students and workers are hardly allowed to express their displeasure openly.

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