On the same day as Republic Day, the Farmers Tractor rally left a blood trail and utter mayhem in Delhi as protests turn violent. Bharti Kisan Union Leader Rakesh Tikait clearly mentioned that some farmers made their own decision by splitting from their own union group and did all these kinds of misshapes As mad scenes rocked the capital, we need to address the bigger question that who wanted R-Day Chaos? Do law and order enforcement and intel agencies need to probe the foreign funding angle? The farmers’ tractor rally had been marred by violence and Internet services have been suspended to the border areas where the agitation was continuing for the last 2 months.

Foreign Funding probe looms large as many outside the country have been calling it an opportunity to fight for Indian farmers and earlier this morning members of Khalistani separatist groups along with others were seen in support of farmers outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC on Tuesday. As Red Fort was besieged it showed the actual picture of how lumpens hijacked the Kisaan Rally.  It remained pertinent now more than ever to probe how the expenses and such massive large-scale protests have been carrying out over two months.

From langar costs to thousands of tractors flagging the capital yesterday who has been funding and mobilize the cause and is there any hidden agenda to hijack the country. Questions regarding funding have been raised throughout the start of the agitation as similar protests have occurred in major American and Canadian cities over the last two months as farmers have been protesting at the Delhi border where many of the protests in the US have been led by the Sikh diaspora living in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the US.

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To aggravate the situation as per multiple media reports many in the crowd across the foreign nations held saffron-colored ‘Khalistan’ flags and chanted anti-India slogans to register their protests.