Ashok Gehlot, Rajasthan CM, on Saturday afternoon, lashes out at the BJP government, blaming it for playing politics and destabilizing his government by buying over MLAs. He claims that the main opposition state, BJP, was offering favors or 15 crores to MLAs to change allegiances.

Mr. Gehlot said that the BJP has continued to cause problems while his government kept working for the people during this time of crisis. He also added that the BJP is now crossing all limits. They are making increasing efforts to overthrow his government in Rajasthan.

June, last year, in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh Congress-led government, was replaced by BJP in between the claims of MLA poaching.
Mr. Gehlot said that BJP’s true face has been revealed ever since their victory in 2014. What they used to do secretly, are now doing openly. He referred to what happened in Goa, Madhya Pradesh, and the north-eastern states.

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Mr. Gehlot also said that to win last month’s Rajya Sabha election, BJP bought seven MLAs in Gujarat. He added that when BJP tried to do the same thing in Rajasthan, we stopped them and gave them a lesson they will always remember.

Mr. Gehlot declared that the people of India are seeing everything and will teach BJP a lesson. BJP’s conceit will be broken in the next election.

In the 200-strong Rajasthan Assembly, the Congress holds 107 seats. It also has support from 12 independent candidates and five MLAs from other parties – the Rashtriya Lok Dal, the CPI (M), and the Bharatiya Tribal Party.

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