On Wednesday morning, former AAP leader Ashutosh took to his Twitter handle and said that in 23 years of his journalism career no one cared to ask/know his caste or surname. Later, he added that but after his selection into the party, AAP introduced him to the party workers as Lok Sabha candidate 2014. He added that even after his continuous protest, his surname was used. Ashutosh added he was told that if his surname will not be mentioned, how will he win. However, after his tweet was highlighted in the media, he shared another tweet stating that media has misunderstood his tweet. He further clarified that he not the part of the anti-AAP brigade.

In the other tweet shared by ex-AAP leader Ashutosh, he said that some of the media houses misunderstood his tweet. He said that since he is not the member of AAP anymore, therefore, he has full right to express his views about how he feels.

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He added that he was not attacking his former political party and it will be wrong to attribute his words as an attack. Asking media to spare him, he added that he is not the member of the anti-AAP brigade. 

He later targetted BJP and said that the party is holding a presser on his tweet. He later challenged BJP to say that they do not giver tickets based on one’s caste. He said that if they are the real Hindus, they will say it. The following tweet by Ashutosh comes a few weeks after he shared a tweet stating that he has resigned from the APP.

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However, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal soon replied to the tweet saying he won’t be able to accept it, at least not in this lifetime.

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