Prime Minister Narendra Modi after Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) massive victory in assembly elections 2018 in Tripura and a descent performance in Nagaland, on Saturday addressed carders from party headquarters in New Delhi. Thumping the back of his party leaders and workers from northeastern states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the hard work that resulted in the victory in Tripura. PM Modi thanked the people of northeastern states for a huge mandate in assembly elections 2018. Describing the victory PM Narendra Modi said that electing BJP is north-east’s first step towards progress.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also took a dig at the Congress party and said they don’t consider Punjab government as their part, while, the Congress does not even consider their CM as their own. He marches on, like an independent solider. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address, party president Amit Shah had also addressed party workers and from the party headquarters. The BJP president thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his great leadership and governance in the country. 

Highlights from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s victory speech from BJP headquarters New Delhi after 

6: 50 PM— In Punjab, the Congress does not even consider their CM as their own. He marches on, like an independent solider: PM Narendra Modi

6:49 PM — All parties, including BJP, will have to be alert and take care that Congress culture doesn’t seep in somehow: PM Narendra Modi

6: 47 PM — People spreading rumours and confusion were given the best reply democratically: PM Narendra Modi

6: 44 PM — Be it Kerala, Bengal or Karnataka, the way 2 dozen workers were murdered there, when they can’t fight to the face they stooped down to this. Still, we maintained silence. When we take action they cry ‘vendetta’. This isn’t vendetta but a step for the betterment of nation: PM Modi

6: 41 PM — we have brought Delhi to the doorstep of North-east region. North East ke logon ko ye lagta tha ki Dilli unse door hai, lekin humne sthiti ye paida ki, kiDilli aaj khud chal kar North East ke darawaaze pe aa gayi: PM Narendra Modi

6: 38 PM— I do not have the figures but I think the elected team in Tripura is the youngest ever team. Some of them were even scared that would be rejected on the grounds of their age. Such young candidates successfully won people’s confidence: PM Modi

6:35 PM — The North East has today come forward to lead India on the path to development: PM Narendra Modi

6:32 PM — Election analysts in India will have to understand the journey from No one to One, shunya se shikhar tak. When the sun sets it is red in colour and when it rises it is saffron: PM Modi

6: 29 PM — This is the victory of democracy, people of North-east have answered today with their votes. Ye loktantra ki taakat hai ki garib se garib aur anpadh ne bhi chot ka jawaab vote se diya: PM Narendra Modi

6:25 PM — Prime Minister Narendra Modi pauses his speech mid way at BJP Headquarters for Azaan.

6:22 PM — Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his speech with thanking people of North East and party workers.

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