On Thursday, May 10, the Information and Broadcasting minister, Smriti Irani, inaugurated the 15th Asia Media Summit in New Delhi. The Asia Media Summit which will last for two days will be discussing a number of issues including the various media business models in the new era and will also discuss the new technologies in broadcasting media. With a theme of ‘Telling our stories – Asia and More’ the summit is also witnessing a participation of other 70 countries. The Asia Media Summit is a prestigious summit of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development (AIBD) Kuala Lumpur. The Summit is also considered a prestigious one in Asia Pacific region. It is the first time that Indian is hosting this summit.

Inaugurating the 15th Asia Media Summit 2018, MIB minister Smriti Irani said that 1.3 billion Indians are proud to host the summit and welcome the delegates from 70 other countries. During the address, Smriti Irani also highlighted the power of radio and also spoke about the steps taken by the broadcasting ministry to encourage the community radio. She said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaches out to every citizen through his monthly programme Mann Ki Baat by radio.”

Later, the minister of Law and Justice of India, Ravi Shankar Prasad also addressed the gathering on Media Regulation Policies. Delivering a keynote address at a session on media regulation, Prasad said, “Freedom of the press is integral to our polity.” He further added, “We in India respect freedom of expression and freedom of media which flows from it.” The law minister further talked about how people see the role of media. Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, Digital India is setting new benchmarks of digital inclusion, bridging the digital divide between the digital haves and the digital have-nots.”

Prasad also raised concerns over the use of language on the social media. He said, “The language used on Social Media sometimes, is a cause for concern.” Claiming that ethical requirements are paramount, he said, “A free media can prosper only in an open society, in a democracy. Accountability is integral to democracy.” Speaking on media regulation, he said, “Ethical journalism flows from the abiding value of accountability.” The minister added, “Fun, pun, humour, cartoons and criticism is part of freedom of expression in media world.”

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