Criminals these days are using a new technique to rob ATM. In this new technique, Robbers replace the original swipe machine from the ATM with the duplicate one, in which a sensor, a magnetic chip and battery are embedded. As soon as the customer swipes his card, sensors get activated and transfer the information of the card in the chip, attached inside the duplicate swipe machine, all this system runs on a battery inside the fake swipe machine. As per reports, mobile phone batteries are also being used in this system. Not just this robbers are also putting up cameras inside the ATM which face at such an angle so that they can record the password entered by the customer.

Tips for your safety

Check the swipe machine before pushing your card into the machine.Try to hide the board with your head while entering the pin number. Do not let anyone stand beside you while entering the pin
try to avoid using ATM in deserted areas. Do not ask anyone to help with your ATM transaction, not even the security guard at the ATM or a bank official. Go inside the bank for help. Cancel the transaction immediately if you think the ATM is faulty and report the fault to your bank and try another ATM.

Recently many ATM robbery cases have hit the headlines. On December 9 midnight, three ATMs were burgled at Avinashi Road in Coimbatore and cash of 30 lakh was looted. In October, a security guard was strucked multiple times on the head with a hammer when he tried to fight off a robber in Panaji.

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