The South Delhi Municipal Corporation(SDMC) proposed a proposal ordering shopkeepers not to display non -vegetarian food in the open in order to maintain hygiene and to respect people’s sentiments as not everyone consumes non-vegetarian food. The proposal which was a private members’ resolution was first moved during a Health Committee meeting by Raj Dutt, a councilor from Kakrola village. The proposal states, “ It has been seen that non-vegetarian food items are displayed publicly by restaurant owners. By doing so, there is a danger of contamination to non-vegetarian food items. It also hurts the sentiments of the vegetarian public.”

The Public Health Committee claimed that if any restaurant owner or shopkeeper displayed non-vegetarian food in open, punitive actions will be taken against them. Dutt said, “Seekh kebabs being displayed outside may get contaminated due to pollution. Also, there are many vegetarian people who feel bad seeing these items.”
A senior AAP leader reacted to the SDMC proposal, he said, “Right now, the BJP is attempting to polarise sentiments. Honestly, if this proposal is brought forward, it will be the Hindus who will face the most problems. From Kashmiri Pandits to Dalits to Punjabis — these are all Hindu non-vegetarian communities. But it is a trap. The BJP wants us to react and oppose the move, so then they can play on sentiments and polarise people.” A Congress Leader of the South Corporation, Abhishek Dutt said, “The corporation has power to challan unhygienic items but BJP is busy doing politics on vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items and entering into people’s personal life. If they have problems with unhygienic food, then what about the foods prepared in the open?”

In the past, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath ordered a ban of the closure of Uttar Pradesh’s illegal slaughterhouses which left many jobless and resulted in a slowdown of Meat packaging, leather and livestock industries.

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