Prime suspects involved in the alleged murder case of Snehashish Dasgupta, whose mutilated body of was found from the railway tracks in West Bengal have been taking into police custody. Coming as a major revelation in the alleged murder case, Pintu Nag along with 2 other potential suspects were nabbed from their hideout.  

Coming as a NewsX impact, the Government Railway Police (GRP) were able to track down their location after the hideout was shown on the channel. The mounting pressure on the GRP forced them to raid the location where the suspects were hiding and arrests were made. After the arrest, Pintu Nag has been booked under murder charges.

Pintu was weeping while GRP was taking him to lockup, however this afternoon he was pretty confident when he told NewsX that nothing will happen to him. On Sunday, a mutilated body of the 25-year-old local footballer was found from the railway tracks near Serampore railway station in West Bengal’s Hooghly district, a police officer said. The police from Sheoraphuli while confirming the identification revealed that the body is of footballer Snehashish Dasgupta, who used to be a goalkeeper for Kolkata Port Trust.

“Snehashish Dasgupta’s mutilated body was recovered on the railway tracks near Serampore on Saturday. He used to be a goalkeeper for Kolkata Port Trust,” a police officer from Sheoraphuli Government Railway Police (GRP) said. According to the complaint registered by his family, Dasgupta went missing on last Friday. As per initial reports, the family said that Dasgupta was brtually beaten and killed by Pintu and his allies.

Dasgupta is believed to be involved in an altercation with Pintu, who is said to be a TMC councilor. Dasgupta’s father also rubbished the reason of his son’s death suicide after claiming that the suicide note found on his social media account was not posted by his son.