The post poll violence between TMC and BJP after election declaration has jolted West Bengal. With the death toll rising to 14, pressuring is increasingly mounting on not just Mamata Banerjee’s government but also the Centre. While PM Modi and Union Home Ministry has sought a report over the violence, Mamata Banerjee has allegedly instructed all officers to reclaim peace and harmony as soon as possible and make arrests, if needed.

What is particularly baffling is the timing of the violence. The violence comes at a time when the state and the nation at large is in a neck to neck fight with the second wave of Covid-19. Patients are gasping for oxygen, hospitals are facing a shortage of beds and ventilators while the death toll is rising every single day. 

It is thus the need of the hour that politicians around the country keep inter-party and election rivalries aside and jump to the occasion of public service, the sole reason for which they entered politics. 

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In the last 24 hours, West Bengal reported a spike of 17,639 new cases and 107 deaths. With the total caseload has reached 8,98,533, with 1,21,931 active cases. Meanwhile, India on Wednesday reported 3,82,315 new Covid-19 cases, 3,38,439 discharges and 3,780 deaths.