In another tragic incident being reported from Bengaluru that highlights the vulnerability of women in the city, a woman was held hostage in a cab and was molested by the driver. The victim was identified as a 23-year-old fashion stylist from Bengaluru. As per the complaint filed by the victim, the driver had child locked the car and then groped the woman by reaching up to the passenger seat. The driver of the cab was working with Indian online transportation network company, OLA.

While talking to NewsX, the victim said that she was seating behind driver’s seat and was travelling from Indiranagar to Koramangala. In the midway, the driver stopped the car and tried to touch her with his hands. When the girl objected and asked him to stop the car, he removed his hand and acted like he did nothing. Later, while trying to get out of the car the girl found that the OLA driver had child locked the car. When the girl threatened the driver to break the window, he stopped the car. Reportedly the incident took place on Sunday night.

While sharing her ordeal with NewsX, the victim claimed, “As I came out of the car, the OLA driver started to come closer to me. I was scared so I started running and ran for 5-10 minutes. There was no transport available at that point on that particular stretch.” The victim added that she later took an auto and registered a complaint with OLA. The victim said, “After I had escaped from the spot, the driver kept calling me 6-7 times so I blocked his number and informed about this to my friend.”

The victim also added that in order to get off from the driver’s grips, her friend also threatened him of going to police. However, the arrogant OLA driver replied, “I know where she lives and what she can do or not.” Following this she filed a complaint with the police who said that they will take the matter ‘seriously’. While commenting on the OLA customer care, the victim said that she was told that the matter would be taken seriously and the driver would be blacklisted, but she hasn’t been informed about the recent proceedings, she claimed.