The girls at the state-run shelter in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur were sedated, raped and beaten up every single night, the survivors have revealed. And some of them in order to save themselves from sexual abuse used to cut themselves, as per a TOI report. The girls alleged that they were given “kide ki diwai” as a sedative.

“Sedatives were mixed in my food due to which I used to feel dizzy I was asked by the aunties to sleep in Brajesh sir’s room and they used to talk about some visitor coming there I used to find my pant thrown on the floor when I got up in the morning,” 10-year-old victim of the Muzaffarpur shelter home rape cases was quoted as saying by TOI.

All the girls have named Muzaffarpur Child Protection Officer Ravi Kumar Roshan and Brajesh Thakur in their statements before the Sub-Divisional Magistrate. Thakur, is the person who ran the NGO and Roshan have been arrested.

One of the victims has revealed that the aunties at the shelter used to give her the “kide ki dwai” and her whole body used to pain in the morning. If the girls ever tried to protest, they were beaten up. while one other victim said that Brajesh used to scratch her private parts so badly that they lead to cut marks.

At least 34 girls were tortured, raped, burnt in the shelter by operators and visitors. Earlier, it was revealed that only 29 of the 42 girls were raped but the count went up to 34.

Taking fire from the opposition, CM Nitish Kumar has ordered a CBI inquiry in the case. Earlier, Tejasvi Yadav had called the Nitish raj in the state as balatkar raj.

The incident came to light in a social audit report by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

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