As CBI takes over the investigation of Birbhum massacre, in which 8 people were charred to death in a revenge attack, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has alleged that the masscare is a conspiracy to topple the state’s biggest coal project.

In an address in Siliguri, the West Bengal CM said that Birbhum massacre is a conspiracy to scuttle the Deocha Pachami project that is aimed at providing employment to 0.1 million people and alleged that some people don’t want it to happen.

Attackjing the Bhartiya Janata Party, Mamata questioned whether justice was delivered in the Hathras, Unnao and Lakhimpuri Kheri murders in UP and stated that the entire state police force of West Bengal cannot be held guilty for the mistake of two officers.

Lauding the SIT in the investigation of Birbhum massacre, she said that the SIT was doing a great job as it arrested 22 suspects and TMC leader Anarul Hossain. Threatening to launch a protest if BJP tries to influence the investigation, she said that TMC will cooperate with CBI but if it fails to unravel the truth and gets engaged in “pleasing some people”, then they will hit the streets.