Friday, September 30, 2022

‘Come to the point’, BJP National Prez asks Kejriwal seeking response on Delhi excise scam

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JP Nadda, national president of the Bharatiya Janata Party, sought a specific response from Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the alleged excise policy scam on Monday, urging him not to “deviate” from the topic.

Addressing a press conference during his two-day visit to Tripura, Nadda said, “Kejriwal has yet to answer our questions on the excise policy. If you are honest, say this in court. At times he says that we want to arrest him, then he says that we are troubling him. There was such a big scam and Delhi suffered a loss. We put out the numbers . ‘Tu idhar udhar ki baat na kar tu ye bata karwan luta kaha’ (Do not deviate and come to the point).” “The country is governed by the law, there is a provision of law. You can use it. It is not that the BJP is troubling him. He should answer the agencies who have sought answers from him,” he added.
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, earlier today, alleged that the money which the BJP-led Centre collects from taxes imposed on eatables is being used in “Operation Lotus”.

“They are collecting taxes from you but not spending the amount on education, healthcare, electricity or roads, they are putting it in the pockets of their billionaire friends. The prices of petrol and diesel are falling in the entire world, but it is increasing in India. This money is used in Operation Lotus,” he alleged adding that the BJP has “bought 277 MLAs so far from the other parties at an expense of Rs 6,300 crore”.

“They form governments by buying the MLAs. 12 of our MLAs have told us that they were offered Rs 20 crore to join the BJP. Their target was to break 40 MLAs but our MLAs are honest. Their Operation Lotus failed. They succeeded in toppling the governments in various states. They will do the same in Jharkhand also in a few days. They have bought 277 MLAs so far from the other parties at an expense of Rs 6,300 crores,” Kejriwal further alleged.

He claimed that the petrol and diesel prices will surge if the Jharkhand government, which is reeling under a political crisis currently, falls.

“If the Jharkhand government falls, they will surely increase the prices of petrol and diesel. This is the most corrupt government since Independence. They claim that they are fighting against corruption, but buying MLAs openly,” he said.

Slamming the BJP over its protest against the rolled back excise policy in the national capital, he said that nothing was found in the probe and therefore the BJP is targeting the government schools.

“They created a fuss about the excise policy recently but did not find anything in the probe. Now they are saying that more number of toilets and schools were made. There is a need for this confidence motion because we have to show that every MLA of the AAP is honest. We will prove that not a single MLA was sold,” he said.

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