Just a few hours after it was reported that BJP president Amit Shah claimed that the construction of Ram Mandir will begin before 2019 elections, BJP has come out in open and refuted the media reports that quoted party’s national executive member Perala Sekharjee stating that Amit Shah said that the construction will begin before the Lok Sabha elections. Refuting the reports, BJP stated that Shah did not make any statements in regard to Ram Mandir. It further claimed that no such matter was even the agenda behind the meet chaired by BJP president in Hyderabad.

According to a report by IANS, Sekharjee had quoted Amit Shah while addressing the media post the BJP leaders meet and said that the construction of Ram Mandir will take place before Lok Sabha 2019.

Refuting the media reports that reportedly quoted Amit Shah, BJP took to his twitter handle and claimed that the president didn’t make any of the statements being reported by media houses and added that Ram mandi was not the agenda of the party meeting held on Friday.

Amit Shah says Ram Mandir’s construction will begin before 2019 elections

Joining the chorus, BJP leader NR Rao said that BJP is committed to the construction of Ram Temple. He added that Amit Shah personally wants it to be constructed before the 2019 elections begin.

The following remarks by Amit Shah over the construction of Ram mandi received severe criticism from AIMIM chief Owaise. He asked if Amit Shah is going to pass a judgment while the Supreme Court is still deciding on the dispute?

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