Tuesday, August 16, 2022

BJP Leader Kriti Somaiya files FIR at Khar Police Station

On Tuesday, BJP leader Kirit Somaiya went to Khar Police Station to file an FIR, a day after claiming that Mumbai Police circulated a bogus FIR in his April 23 assault case.

However, on Monday evening, Somaiya tweeted, “My “FAKE FIR” about the April 23rd Assault was distributed by Mumbai Police. I haven’t filed a police report.”

Further, Somaiya said that on April 23, the Mumbai police had declined to submit an FIR based on his complaint against his attack by Shiv Sena members outside the Khar police station on Saturday night.

Kirit Somaiya, a BJP leader and ex-MP from Mumbai, recently claimed that he was attacked by Shiv Sena members. The event occurred just before midnight when Somaiya arrived at the Khar police station to meet the Rana couple.

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