It was yet another day and yet another gaffe by a BJP leader but this time, the leader went too far. Ram Kadam, BJP MLA from Ghatkopar, Mumbai, landed in troubled waters when a video surfaced on the internet showing him promising young men that he will abduct the girls of their liking for them. The video triggered a frenzy on social media with many calling him Ravana. There was so much talk of his nonsensical statement that #BJPkaRavanRaj became one of the top trends on Twitter.

On Monday, Ram Kadam had organised a dahi handi event in Ghatkopar. While addressing the masses present at the venue, he said that if a girl rejects a boy’s proposal then he need not worry about it. He continued by saying that he will go the boy’s parents and see if they like the girl as well or not. “If the parents of the boy like the girl, I will 100% help the boy in abducting the girl,” added the BJP MLA.

It was not just the Opposition that took potshots at him for his derogatory statement, but a large majority of social media users attacked Ram Kadam. Many criticised and questioned BJP’s motto of ‘Beti Bachao’ while many called him Ravana, a mythical legend who abducted Lord Rama’s wife Sita.

Here’s why #BJPkaRavanRaj was trending and what people said about the BJP MLA in question:

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