BJP MLA Ram Kadam from Ghatkopar, Mumbai stoked a controversy on Monday after he offered to abduct girls for boys if their proposal gets rejected. The BJP legislator did not stop here, he went on to give his personal mobile number to those in the audience saying men could call him to get the girl kidnapped.

“You can call me if you need any help. If you call me and say I have proposed to a girl and she refused, please help me, I will definitely help you. You should call your parents and if they say they like that girl then I will kidnap that girl and bring her to you. Now take my phone number,” the MLA said in a video that has gone viral across the social media platforms.

The video of the MLA making the controversial statement was shared by NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad on social media.“How can women in this country will remain safe if ruling party MLAs openly boast about kidnapping women,” Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLA Jitendra Awhad said while sharing the video.

“If you propose a girl and she denies, you come to me with your parents. If they too like the girl, what will I do? I will kidnap her and give her to you,” Kadam can be heard as saying in the video.

MLA Kadam made the outrageous remark while addressing a crowd of thousands that had gathered to witness his Dahi Handi festival, which the MLA even claimed to be India’s biggest dahi handi.

NCP is not the only party that has condemned Kadam’s comment, Preeti Sharma Menon of Aam Aadmi Party in a strong-worded statement termed the comment wrong on so many levels.

“He is openly threatening to commit a crime. Despite being an MLA he is seen as endorsing abduction of women who do not give consent. He, therefore, believes it’s okay to stalk, abduct, marry, rape women without their consent. He is a member of the ruling party and represents the party so the ruling party of India has thrown the laws of the country in the bin by openly declaring that they will kidnap women,” Menon said in a statement.

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