It seems like BJP MLA Ram Kadam has opened the Pandora’s Box at such magnitude that even the Maharashtra unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is failing to contain the tirade of abuses that is coming their way. Latest to add to the string of criticism is Sanjay Nirupam, the president of Mumbai Congress Committee. The senior Congress leader has called Ram Kadam’s comments utter disgusting and shameful, and has demanded his suspension as MLA.

Ram Kadam, a BJP MLA from Mumbai’s Ghatkopar, has come under heavy fire after he said that he will help the boys in kidnapping the girls they like.

Just a day after Ram Kadam stoked the controversy, Sanjay Nirupam vented his anger demanding action from BJP through a video that he shared on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Nirupam said that Kadam has not only abused the women of Mumbai but of the entire nation.

The Mumbai Congress Committee chief demanded Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to immediately suspend Ram Kadam from the BJP saying he should be made to give up his MLA position.

Sanjay Nirupam further said that if the Ghatkopar MLA is not suspended immediately, then he would request the women of Mumbai to take a pledge to never vote for BJP until the party removes people like Ram Kadam from their ranks.

“BJP should not have the support of Mumbai’s women because BJP MLAs have a shameful and downmarket mindset. They do not deserve people’s approval,” added Nirupam.

Earlier on Monday, Ram Kadam had organised a dahi handi event in his Ghatkopar constituency. While addressing the people present at the event, he said that if a girl rejects a boy’s proposal then he need not worry about it. He continued by saying that he will go the boy’s parents and see if they like the girl as well or not. “If the parents of the boy like the girl, I will 100% help the boy in abducting the girl,” added the BJP MLA.

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