In what seems to be a complete contrast with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement, BJP Madhya Pradesh disciplinary committee convener Babusingh Raghuvanshi claimed that PM Modi’ criticism of Indore MLA Akash Vijayvargiya (who assaulted a civic official with a cricket bat on June 26) was not really directed at him.

Raghuvanshi said he was not sure if Prime Minister Modi’s criticism of the action was directed at the Indore MLA. He added that he was also a lawyer and could strike the difference between provocation and intention, therefore justified Akash’s behavior towards the civic official. He said when someone is provoked like Akash was, the punishment is different.

It has been over three weeks since Modi’s condemnation of the assault and of Akash’s remarks justifying the same. The disciplinary committee was expected to take action against the MLA, who is the son of BJP general secretary Kailash VIjayvargiya.

Raghuvanshi confirmed that Akash’s case had not been referred to the three-member disciplinary committee adding that the PM might have pointed out to some other instances of indiscipline and not Akash’s case when he expressed anguish over the conduct of certain party MLAs.

He added that there wasn’t any soundbyte or video of the PM specifically attributing his criticism to Akash. However, he asserted if the PM actually condemned the incident as well as Akash, then it was more than a punishment.

In a video that went viral last month, Akash could be seen beating up a civic official allegedly on grounds of duty failure which angered the Indore-based MLA as he lashed out at him with a bat. This ensued criticism not just from political rivals but party workers as well. PM Modi also hit out at several party workers to check their conduct and warned them of expulsion.

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