Amidst the oppositions’ Bharat Bandh on the rising fuel prices in the country where both the ruling government and Opposition are blaming each other’s policies for rising petrol, diesel prices, the BJP has become a laughing stock after it put out two infographics on its official Twitter handle showing a comparison between the increase in petrol and diesel prices over the years. In both the graphs posted by BJP, comparing diesel and petrol prices during the UPA and BJP government, the saffron coloured bar showing the increase in the fuel prices during the BJP rule is supposed to be higher than the data representing the price rise in the UPA’s era, however, this is not the case.

In both the infographics, the bar which is representing the rise in fuel prices during the present BJP government should stand higher than the UPA era, but instead of that, in both the graphs — petrol and diesel — the graphs bars being represented in saffron are lower than the UPA, given the fact the fuel prices are already at their peak.

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In the infographics posted by the BJP, they are showing the percent wise increase in the fuel prices in the last 14 years. However, it seems the party (BJP) failed to notice that during their time, the fuel prices have only increased, therefore, how can the graph representing fuel prices during their time stand lower than UPA’s time.

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Noticing the fact that the last bar representing the fuel prices in 2018 during NDA’s rule has some problem, several people on Twitter wrote: “Last one I don’t understand how its decreasing”, “As per BJP, 80 is lower than 71 and hard work is better than Harvard”, “Who is the duffer behind this infographic?”, “How can an increase be shown as a decrease? Wow!”

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