A few days after Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) swept the majority in Tripura during its 2018 elections, a senior BJP leader has now ruled out any possibility of imposing any sort of ban on people’s eating habits. Stating that the party will not be imposing any eating bans in Tripura, senior BJP leader Sunil Deodhar claimed that the party has no intention of implementing any ban on the consumption of beef in Tripura. The following clarification was issued by the leader on Tuesday stating that since the majority of the population in the north-east state consume beef, the government is less likely to impose any beef ban.

Senior BJP leader Sunil Deodhar, who was in-charge of BJP for the recently concluded elections in the state, said, “If the majority of the population of a state is against the ides of beef consumption, chances are high that we will impose a ban in that area. Keeping in mind that most of the people in the north-east consume beef on a regular basis, the government will not implement the ban here.” Adding that Hindus also consume beef he said, “The north-east region mostly consists of Christians and Muslims. A few Hindus also consume meat here. This is why there is no ban on beef consumption here.”

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Reports suggest that the data released by National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) in 2014 claimed that north-eastern states fall under the list of top 10 beef consuming states in the country. Meanwhile, Meghalaya topped the list with at least 81% of the population consuming beef or buffalo. The state tailing Meghalaya was Nagaland with 57% and Mizoram at third with 23%. The following statements by the BJP senior leader come after the party faced massive criticism for its move to ban beef in several states. After a beef ban row was triggered, several BJP leaders from Meghalaya also quit the party claiming that BJP was trying to impose a blanket ban on beef consumption.

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