The ire over BJP parliamentarian Pragya Singh Thakur’s toilet and drain remark doesn’t seem to water down anytime soon as party working president JP Nadda has expressed displeasure over her statement and advised her to choose words wisely.

She was summoned by Nadda and BJP organizational general secretary BL Santosh to the party office in Delhi and questioned for her controversial remarks, to which the 49-year-old parliamentarian chose mum.

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi also lashed out at Pragya saying she was challenging what Prime Minister Narendra Modi was trying to preach as she didn’t consider those as equals who were not from the upper caste.  

 Speaking to BJP workers at Sehore (part of her parliamentary constituency Bhopal) on Sunday, Pragya said she was not elected to clean toilets and drains. This ensued criticism from the Congress as the party dubbed her statement as an insult to her mandate.

A Congress spokesperson asked BJP to make its stand clear on Pragya’s statement either by supporting her or acting against her. The spokesperson added that the intensity of Pragya’s statement shows how much importance she gives to the problems of the people.

In a video shared by ANI, Pragya told BJP workers that it was the duty of a Member of Parliament to work in coordination with local public representatives, including local MLAs (legislators) and municipal councilors for the overall development of the constituency. She asked them to get the local issues and work done through the local representatives instead of calling her every now and then.

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