In a major development ahead of the 3rd phase of Delhi’s Odd-Even plan which is scheduled to implemented from November 13-17, the Delhi government has decided to allow free travel for commuters in all DTC and cluster buses from November 13-17. The move has come after the Delhi High Court on Thursday asked the Delhi government to consider bringing back the odd-even scheme and ordered an emergency meet to discuss how to curb Delhi’s pollution which has been engulfed with a thick layer of smog for the past few days. The information was tweeted by Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot. The move has been made to encourage use of public transport during Delhi’s Odd-Even plan.

Delhi government decided to bring back odd-even vehicle rationing system in order to curb Delhi pollution which has risen to alarming levels in the past few days. It’s one of the measure taken by the Delhi government to keep a check and control Delhi’s smog which has engulfed the National Capital Region for the past few days and is termed dangerous by many environmentalists. Apart from asking the government to consider odd-even scheme, the Delhi High Court also asked to consider cloud seeding for artificial rain and watering trees, plants in the national capital, to bring down the pollution level. 

This decision has come as a result of rising air pollution in Delhi, and an attempt to reduce vehicular pollution in the city. This move may help people take more public transport as Delhi government is attempting to have lesser cars on the road. The decision was also hailed by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who tweeted saying, “This will encourage people to switch to public transport.” 

Meanwhile, a 7-member committee headed by the Environment Secretary has been formed to look into long and short-term solutions to curb Delhi’s pollution. On Thursday, as a result of rising air pollution in Delhi, AIIMS recorded a 15-20% rise in cases of respiratory problems. Almost similar figures were observed from Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital.