Friday, September 30, 2022

Pakistani troops fire on BSF unit, force says gave a ‘befitting reply’

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The Border Security Force (BSF) troops responded “appropriately” to unprovoked shooting by Pakistani rangers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Arnia region on Tuesday.

According to the BSF’s public relations officer in Jammu, the Indian side responded correctly and forcefully to the Pakistani provocation. On the Indian side, no injuries were reported.

“Today morning, the vigilant BSF Jammu personnel responded appropriately to Pakistan rangers’ unprovoked shooting on a BSF patrolling group in Arnia Sector.” “There has been no loss or harm to BSF forces,” the PRO stated.

“This morning, the vigilant BSF Jammu personnel responded appropriately to Pakistan Rangers’ unjustified shooting on a BSF patrolling group,” BSF Deputy Inspector General SPS Sandhu said separately.

On February 24, 2021, India and Pakistan agreed to carefully adhere to all agreements and understandings pertaining to cross-border fire along the Line of Control (LoC) and International Border (IB) in Jammu and Kashmir, among other areas.

Other cases of fire by Pakistani forces had occurred in the previous year and a half, according to an officer who did not want to be identified, but Tuesday’s event was “a serious one” and occurred on a day when Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was in India for discussions.

According to a second official, the Indian Army and BSF respond immediately and effectively to unprovoked firings and ceasefire breaches by Pakistan along the LoC and IB.

Prior to the accord in 2021, there were 5,133 ceasefire breaches in 2020, 3,479 in 2019, and 2,140 in 2018. However, this number dropped to roughly 700 last year. Data for 2022 is not yet available.

The Indian government has maintained that it is Pakistan’s responsibility to establish a conducive environment by adopting credible, verifiable, and irreversible steps to ensure that no land under its control is exploited for cross-border terrorism against India in any way.

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