In its last day of the Budget session, the BJP-led-government will be discussing Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and the Mulsim Women (protection of rights on marriage) Bill in the Rajya Sabha today. Both the bills have been passed in the Lok Sabha and require nod of the Rajya Sabha. With the upper house meeting for its last day of the budget session, it’s yet to be seen if both the bills manage majority approval in the upper house. Since both the bills have been passed in Lok Sabha, it’s important that they get passed in the upper house or else the bills will lapse.

Besides these two bills, the Parliament will also take a review of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India’s report namely Performance Audit on Capital Acquisition in Indian Airforce. CAG’s report discusses various aspects of Rafale deal over which both mainstream parties Congress and BJP have seized a deadlock.

The lapse situation will arise because both the bills have been passed in Lok Sabha, however, if remain pending in the upper house, the bills will lapse with the dissolution of Lok Sabha. While in cases when a bill pending in Rajya Sabha hasn’t been passed either in the lower house, it does not lapse on the dissolution of Lok Sabha.
Both Triple Talaq and citizenship bills have made their way through Lok Sabha, however, are yet to be passed in Rajya Sabha. After a new government is formed, both bills will require to be approved by the newly elected Lok Sabha cabinet.The northeastern states have condemned the bill ever since it was proposed by the BJP-led-NDA government, followed by Lok Sabha’s approval in January. The states of Meghalaya, Mizoram, Assam and Manipur have displayed widespread anger against the bill that aims to amend the 1955 citizenship law. As far as Triple Talaq is concerned, the Congress party has promised that it will scrap criminalisation of the bill, given that it’s a matter of civil wrong

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