With fresh developments coming to light almost every day, the Burari death mystery case just doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. On Saturday, the close relatives of Bhatia family whose 11 family members were found dead on July 1 have submitted a written appeal to the police investigating the Burari death case and have sought a fresh probe into the matter. Refuting the several police reports that termed the Burari incident as mass salvation or a suicide followed by tantrik practices, the relatives of Bhatia family in Burari area has said that this is the case of a murder.

Demanding a fresh probe into Burari death case, the relatives said that there are several missing links into the reports presented by the police that directly hint towards the presence of an outsider at the time the deaths took place.

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Reacting to the written appeal, the investigating Delhi police said that since the case was registered under IPC 302, they have been investigating the case as a murder case only.

Suspecting the presence of an outsider in Bhatia’s house in Burari, the relatives of the family claimed that the oldest member of the family was strangulated to death by a belt. While, another female member had cut marks on her throat after which she was hanged, that clearly hints towards the presence of an outsider behind the deaths.

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The relatives added that they would be meeting the senior police officer after completing the last rituals of the family.

Based on the diary recovered from the house, the investigating police had earlier termed it a case of mass suicide where a member of the family (suspected to be Lalit Bhatia) convinced the other members to commit suicide by hanging. The police found the theory to be true after they found the similarities between the writings in the diary and the way the bodies were found in their house.

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