The mystery behind the Burai death case seems to be getting more twisted with reports suggesting that the Delhi police is now investigating the possibility of the presence of a 12th person in Bhatia’s house in Burari at the time when the death took place. The following development came in after it was found that the front gate of the house was open. The national capital was left in a state of shock after it was reported that 11 members of a family in north Delhi’s Burari were found dead.

While investigating the house for more clues, the police recovered some new handwritten notes from 2007, when the Lalit’s father had died. As per reports, it was his father’s death that left Lalit devastated.

Burari death case: Relatives say an outsider was present during hanging, demand fresh probe

As per the postmortem reports, the Bhatia family had died due to hanging. The reports further ruled out the possibility of any physical assault. While 10 were found hanging, the senior most member of the family was found lying dead in the other room.

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Earlier, the police had suspected it to be the case of mass suicide and added that the family was indulged in some sort of tantrik practices. Later, the notes recovered from the house also supported the theory as there was an extreme similarity between the notes and the way the bodies were found hanging with their hands tied and eyes blindfolded.

Later, the misplacement of 11 pipes on the wall of their three-storey house also made headlines with people believed the presence of some superstition among the family members. However, this theory was ruled out by a relative stating that he had only suggested that to the Bhatia family for better ventilation.

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As per current developments, the relatives of the family have submitted handwritten notes demanding a fresh probe into the matter.

The relatives also stated that there are several lose links in the police investigation that hints at the presence of a 12th person in the Burari house at the time of the incident.